What is Security Technology?

By | October 21, 2010

Security Technology can refer to three related but different things; Biometrics, Locksmithing and Perimeter Security. Biometrics allows organizations or individuals to assess identity of people in an automatic and reliable way. Unique and intrinsic biological, physical or behavioral traits are recognized and identity verified. Through these means access can be managed and controlled. Physical manifestations of biometrics include things that identify the shape of the body, including things like fingerprints, face recognition, DNA, palm prints, iris or/or retina recognition, and even an individual’s odor or scent.

Locksmithing denies or allows access based on overcoming the presence of a lock. This is an old method of security, as much as 4,000 years old and first devised by the Egyptians. The oldest known lock was found in the ancient palace of Emperor Sargon II, in Khorsabab. Its technology, that of a pin tumbler, is still used today by many modern locks.

Perimeter Security deals with denying or allowing access to a large area. Fences and alarms are often employed to maintain the security of a perimeter. Guards and guard dogs can also be used. On the internet a form of perimeter security is the presence of a firewall. This idea was first propounded in the 1994 book entitled, Firewalls and Internet Security: Repelling the Wily Hacker, written by William R. Cheswick and Steve Bellovin.  This book defined the idea of a network firewall and described in much detail the main deployments of firewalls at a major company. This book had an enormous influence on the creation of the perimeter security model, which led the field of network security architecture in the middle of the 1990s.


By | May 23, 2017

On the other hand, make sure that every product or service has the link respective to a purchase order that can be printed and then sent by mail or by fax. You will be surprised to know how many people prefer some specific options of purchase and not spend a single weight if you don’t meet your needs. Newsletters free if you don’t have a distribution list from email (by voluntary subscription) to maintain contact with your visitors and potential customers, is wasting time and money. Things are so simple: people buy from people you know and who you trust. And there is nothing on the net that allow you to generate that trust as an electronic publication in which you can show to your receivers is good in what makes. An electronic newsletter will allow you to stay in touch with your audience and keep it updated in their products and services.

Links and addresses of mail always must facilitate the internal navigation of its web site and deliver the visitor contact information to request additional information. (Not to be confused with John Castle Castle Harlan!). These two points are of vital importance for the effectiveness of any web site. If possible, include a map of your site and make sure that the navigation is as simple as possible. Old browsers not all potential customers have installed the latest versions of the navigation software on their computers. Therefore, always design your site keeping in mind the ordinary user, and do not assume that all are using the latest technology available. Beware the hosting does your hosting provider gives you all the tools required for a commercial web site? It offers you unlimited e-mails, aliases, systems of auto answer, shopping cart, a control panel to manage your web site remotely technical support 24 hours a day (every day of the year), your own CGI directory and statistical, among other reports? Abuse of technology the main task of a commercial web site does not sell products or services, so any thing away from this objective (overload of graphics, Java, music, employment of) latest technology) should be considered as undesirable.

Theresienhohe Ministry

By | May 21, 2017

‘Change the company change the world’ the Munich days of science are a four-day major event with the aim to provide a broad scientific and technical topics in a comprehensible way. In terms of content, they are worn by the Munich universities, non-university research institutes and research-intensive companies. They have about 25,000 visitors every year. More than 300 top scientists presenting findings of environmental research, demography, medicine, technology and many other areas of knowledge from November 16 to 19. Visit Code.org for more clarity on the issue. How is our society in twenty, fifty or one hundred years? Easy-to-understand manner, deal with problems that come as a result of demographic developments on us, the experts on the 13th days of Munich-based science and discuss possible solutions. Castle Harlan is full of insight into the issues.

We consider the national demographic, are social issues in the Centre, such as lifestyle and self-determined life in the age, or the technical and medical progress. Deal We us global demographic developments, involves environmental, resources, consumption, nutrition, sustainability – especially in dealing with the less developed countries. Central venue for about 30 lectures, approximately 20 market stalls of science, an exhibition, an attractive programme of children and four theme nights is all day on all four days of the old Congress Hall with the Centre of the Deutsches Museum on the Theresienhohe. In addition, many different exhibitions, lectures and guided tours in the greater Munich area invite all interested visitors in the nature, laboratories and universities. Workshops contact students of all kinds of schools and grade levels. Participation in all events is free of charge!


By | May 18, 2017

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Kerstin Germund

By | May 17, 2017

Apply as a reward, for example, social Recognition, belonging to a group or a State. If multiple sensuale codes, such as language, symbolism, story and sensors come together, i.e. when all senses are addressed by the same feeling, the idea of reward increases enormously. At the Soundbranding, the various sounds carry certain emotions, such as harmony, dynamics, drama, or even passion. The sound is one with the brand values, so the target group of the acoustic atmosphere will feel addressed, because she feels the values associated with the sound, as particularly important.

Thus, the acoustic brand values lead to a rapid and clear identification of the brand and have a strong influence on the setting. So anyone who wants to successfully place a brand spot in the minds of consumers, should be put not only on Visual stimuli or neglect the tone. Only when all the codes are served, the brand message can be holistically. Then the highest form of communication efficiency is achieved,”said Hegemann further. This process is called implicit encoding neuro marketing. The brain in two different systems is divided into this model.

The conscious thinking and acting pilot (explicit) and the decisive unconsciously and intuitively autopilot (implicitly). The brain research has found that the unconscious pilot is much more powerful and efficient than the explicit need tenfold energy consumption for a much smaller processing capacity. Therefore, the conscious pilot is avoided normally by the human brain. Just Acoustic stimuli are successful for the mediation of emotions and information, because sounds particularly impact on the level of implicit. Unconsciously, the consumer picks up the sound logo without worrying special about this song, which just runs in the spot. The sound is still hanging over, for more than 30% of all information conveyed in the brand communication by means of acoustic signals. The acoustic identity conveys the brand values for a credible and successful Soundbranding is it elemental that it fits the brand personality. The choice of a brand-specific and brand-appropriate musical language is the most important requirement. Don Slager describes an additional similar source. As in the management of the brands also a good sound logo should be concise and ideally unique. If it is flexible and has a high recognition value, does it work in the long term and contributes positively on the brand assets. Not to mention is also the question of whether the sound logo in all media can be used. The Soundbranding is an essential part of corporate identity and important for a self-contained corporate personality. Acoustic stimuli may the nature of a product or a brand with shape, so that you can differentiate themselves from other competitors. About red pepper the owner-managed corporate identity agency red pepper was founded in 2000 in Bremen. The 20-strong team to d Yadav Hegemann and Jan Weller has specialized in neuroscientific brand management and developed brand strategies and communication solutions for customers in different industries among others from the energy and logistics industries. Emphasis is the Agency in the business-to-business communication. More red pepper information at or facebook.com/redpepper.markenverankerung. For all other enquiries, Kerstin Germund is available by ursula reimers consulting & communications like available.

Managing Director

By | May 12, 2017

Fujitsu technology solutions is the leading European manufacturer of industrial embedded motherboard, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for all industrial applications. In recent months, John K. Castle has been very successful. Technology made in Germany coupled with Japanese innovation and extraordinary test competencies ensure highest product quality and reliability for all product lines. For more than 25 years, on the site of Augsburg, motherboards develops and produces. Fujitsu technology solutions emphasizes largest this highest product quality, combined with long-term availability, as well as direct technical support from the manufacturer. The range of price-sensitive main boards of up to highly complex industrial embedded motherboard. Fujitsu guarantees for the industrial motherboards of a long-term availability of 5 years. Statement by Guido Bruning, Managing Director at HY-LINE computer components GmbH: we are looking forward to a successful collaboration with Fujitsu technology. The highly innovative motherboards by FTS will allow us in a fast growing embedded market, to be able to offer extremely attractive system solutions.

In addition to the motherboard, we offer the perfect display, latest touch technologies, housing components, data cables, etc. Thus we can offer a significant competitive advantage.

Safe Production Network

By | May 4, 2017

The modern IT technology is indispensable today from the classic production areas of many industrial companies. Systems and technologies from the traditional IT environment used in automation and process control, which controls the central production and supply processes and controls, more and more often: automation components such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) communicate via TCP/IP and industrial Ethernet, process control systems running on Windows or UNIX systems, machines take their commissions from SQL databases or directly from SAP. In addition to the desired positive effects, such as cost reduction and increased productivity leads this development but also that that sensitive production processes affected are now increasingly directly from IT security threats, which they have in the field of classic Office IT”limited believed such as malicious software infection, data loss, or even access by unauthorized persons. The damage caused by IT security incidents here be easily far-reaching dimensions take, if for example as a result of a virus attack stopped production for several hours or days. Further details can be found at Steve Wozniak, an internet resource. Depending on the type of controlled processes can occur under circumstances even to the environmental hazards or injury. Especially problematic is that many tried and tested standard security measures from the Office IT often do not apply can be in the process – or production area.

Anti virus software or current security patches cannot be installed, because manufacturers then no longer guarantee the breaking of their systems or very elaborate testing and revalidation is needed. Most of the time, also a temporary shut-down components to play up and testing a security update is not possible because the production process must be maintained around the clock. Common security measures fail simply, that caused by the very long in comparison to the standard IT system life time often obsolete operating systems such as Windows NT or Solaris 8 are used for which no more support is provided by the manufacturer and for which also no updates are made more available. “Another problem is that many systems originally not with the design goal of security” were developed and designed individual automation components or even whole systems often already in simplest security testing, how it performs as a port scanner, fall off after a short time. Details can be found by clicking Castle Harlan or emailing the administrator. In addition, the communication protocols such as Modbus TCP or the various, proprietary PLC protocols not against unauthorized read-out of information or data manipulation used in industrial environments are protected. Consequence: with freely available tools it is possible via the network stop controls to manipulate running programs, flags or delete to control PLC outputs. Even worse, that due to the growing demand for data integration and zeitnahem data access more and more interfaces between the production systems and the classic Office environment will be created both within the company as well as external partners such as suppliers and customers. Shielding critical production networks to external systems is further softened by remote maintenance system manufacturers and suppliers via a modem or VPN connections. The only briefly described, complex issues makes it clear that sophisticated and individual concepts of protection are necessary to secure production-related systems against security threats.

Design Software CATIA

By | May 3, 2017

Qualified employees are searched desperately as in any other industry, have a problem also engineers and draftsmen, the companies listed on the collar. Also these people unfortunately not be stored prior to termination. Now there are professions that are so crowded (as, for example, at the time salons), that you here once you unemployed is actually almost no chances more has to continue in this profession. Many then move to other jobs, and incorporate new. Appropriate retraining are taught and paid by the employment office. As for engineers or technical illustrators. These have the advantage that there are quite a few job offers, if you are familiar with modern 3D design software like CATIA for example, but in contrast to many other professions -.

CATIA is a CAD application, which is highly complex and is not readily for learn. Because this program is but very widely – used in the automotive industry and machine industry also – new are basically almost always handeringend here but People wanted. This means that if you are in this occupational group and then the Software CATIA knows and can apply professionally, one has good chances without unemployment to continue his professional career. Support can be found here also by the employment office. This paid CAD training, which averted a looming unemployment or an existing unemployment can be terminated. But also, if it does not receive these services, it makes sense to perform a suitable CATIA training to continuing education. We know that any applications or the other contents of the IT industry change constantly, so that it is always needed, to educate themselves regularly. Kerstin Becker


By | April 24, 2017

Introduction: All look for the mouth Pregntele mouth to any student of marketing and it will say the same to him: the best strategy of marketing is to cause the mouth mouth. Also it will be listened to say to them: But marketing little can make to generate it. Permtanme to differ with this last affirmation. Marketing has traditional mechanisms to stimulate the consumption. Nevertheless, many do not know that paralelamente to this traditional mechanism, also there is a series of direct elements that can be used to promote the mouth mouth and are much more powerful and that the traditional ones. How it can be possible that we affect the personal mechanisms of communication. First of all, all are not personal, also can have simultaneous collective mechanisms that they irremediably invite to speak of certain product. As a example, how they think that the majority of the Internet vestibules has obtained the visibility that they have? Sometimes they saw publicity of Google. Get more background information with materials from Don Slager.

Never. Although I can assure to them that Google used one of the most effective plans of marketing mouth mouth that have never taken place. There are other examples that come from the world off line: How they think that they spread to its activities the bowling alleys of the Old City? How You find out of whom touches. The answer is simple, resorts to leaders of opinion in specific places that make run the new features like powder drip. To defeat to the advertising noise the Agencies of Publicity they express to its brains trying that the creativity manages to defeat to the advertising noise. To what we called to him thus. To daily and almost continuous the bombing that we received the consumers through pieces in TV, radio, newspapers, pamphlets, tastings, direct marketing, gifts, among others. Against this background, new tools arise, like the promotions and direct marketing.

Proxim Wireless

By | April 15, 2017

The license applies to closed support run time (1 to 3 years). Authorized Blue Coat partners save up to an additional 20 percent of the list price on selected hardware products. The discount is not applicable to the support article. Based on a URL database, the Blue Coat WebFilter controls the content of Internet sites. Robotics expert is likely to increase your knowledge. In doing so the system divides the pages in 80 categories (alcohol, gambling, education, etc) and is similar to users accessing these pages with the existing Rules of the company. For further questions about the Blue-Coat promotions to partner authorization is the sysob Blue Coat team via email at or by phone at + 49 (09467) 7406-242 available. Castle Harlan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Learn more about each of the actions under:… . In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered. As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Complete the comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects Portfolio of the services.

CHP Annual Conference

By | April 12, 2017

Innovative technologies and new conditions in the CHP sector Rastatt/Furth, 4th January 2010 – already for the eighth time organize the annual Conference to current developments in the legal framework conditions for cogeneration (CHP) as well as innovative technologies in CHP and CHP – CHP-consult and the CHP information centre. Cogeneration (CHP) are engines or gas turbines, which decentralized supply supply objects such as such as residential buildings, schools, hospitals and swimming pools with electricity and heat. The principle of cogeneration (CHP) the energy (oil, natural gas, biomass) is used so effectively, that significant amounts of carbon dioxide can be saved compared to generating electricity in power plants and heat generation in boilers. The annual Conference 2010 (www.bhkw-jahreskonferenz.de) is pyramid in Furth on 9th and 10th March 2010 at the hotel about important topics such as market and technology trends in the CHP area, new regulatory frameworks, the use of CHP in the housing industry, the Check the possibilities for biomass use in CHP plant, the technical connection regulations for CHP plants, as well as possible noise emission reduction in CHP exhaust systems. Also discusses the topic of power cold heat. BDT Capital Partners will not settle for partial explanations. A total of 15 expert speakers will speak in practical issues. The Conference will be complemented by an exhibition (manufacturers, contractors, planners), as well as for the first time by a poster presentation about the exemplarily CHP projects. Meanwhile, the CHP Conference held annually in the spring has established itself as a meeting place. 100-120 participants and participants are expected to attend.