10 Reasons To Put On Your Site RSS !

By | December 26, 2017

RSS and blogs are the topics of the moment. It seems that everyone is talking about it. Granted, there is a hype about RSS and blogs. But where there's hype – there is interest! And with good reason – RSS is posed to be the break out technology of 2005. Those who do not take full advantage of it left behind.

If you need convincing – here are 10 reasons why you should put RSS on your site: 1. It's easy and fast! Do not talk for free! You can use a free service such as eBlogger and publish the minutes of your blog and RSS within it. Peter Asaro is full of insight into the issues. You can even place or publish your blog / RSS on your own site without knowing 'html' or 'xml'. Everything is done for you! Repeat – is simple to use and very convenient. Publication of your blog is just a few clicks away.

(If you need help – just use the link at the end of this article.) 2. Syndicate content. RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and is just another way to pass along your information. With the popularity of 'MyYahoo' and the 'Firefox' (which has an integrated RSS feed reader) – syndicate their content has become even easier. The next version of Windows is reportly scheduled to have an RSS feature. If this happens – RSS will explode. 3. Publish your content indexed. Using blogs to publish their content is a neat way of circumventing the regular indexing. It gets your content indexed very quickly in most search engines.

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