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Digital TV

By | July 29, 2012

TVGD: A proposal for ambient awareness in the Digital TV from Generation Y 1 Helena Schiavoni Sylvestre 2 So Paulo State university ' ' Jlio of Filho&#039 Mosque; ' , Bauru – SP Summary In view of the context of the technological innovations, perceives that the decurrent hibridizao of the miditica convergence still makes with […]

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Techniques of Digital Documentation

By | July 17, 2012

1 INTRODUCTION Currently, each time more the institutions depends on the digital information that produce, therefore, becomes importantssimo the implementation of techniques and technological politics of preservation that will guarantee the perenidade and the accessibility this type of information that is in another support that not it traditional paper. Of this form, one understands that […]

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Enterprise Communication

By | July 10, 2012

The evolution of the communication throughout history passes for diverse moments where the form, the content, the canals and the language of propagation of a message suffer diverse alterations until the present. With the sprouting of the Internet, one of the events that more influence in the current society had, the change of position of […]

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Digital Payment

By | July 4, 2012

Risks of fraud and chargeback Who reads contracts with the operators of credit card for sales on-line does not sign, therefore, basically, all the risk is in charge of the owner of the virtual store. Therefore he is important that the administrator of the store has a contract, that exactly basic, with a company of […]

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