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By | December 31, 2012

The way as these decisions are taken determine, in part, the practical quality of the pedagogical one in the daily pertaining to school. In its hypothesis, it calls attention for the necessity and the attempt if conferring conscience and practical rationality to the pedagogical one (more even of what really it possesss, according to author). […]

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Comte Sociology

By | December 30, 2012

III? Centuries XVIII and XIX _ the society and the Man. With the philosopher and ' ' socilogo' ' Frenchman Auguste Comte (1798-1857) and the development of the requirement of the accurate one, the pure one, the verifiable logical and mathematically, firms the positivismo. Who wedge is Comte the term sociology and, as its philosophical […]

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Southeast System

By | December 27, 2012

Irineu Joffily. Sets of ten of break-kilos, had as heads or participants of mazorca, had been imprisoned and judgeships, others migraram for the Amaznia, where the extration of the rubber guarantee work and the Southeast attracted by the wealth that the coffee production generated. Many choose cangao, thickening the bandos that stop surviving assaulted and […]

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The Stimulatons

By | December 24, 2012

It tells, still, some possible solutions to prevent this type of situation, amongst which it involves organization and search of satisfaction in such a way in the work how much it are of it. She is necessary to reflect and to change certain behaviors in the work and to search satisfaction it are of it. […]

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European Union Ziegler

By | December 7, 2012

Carlos Vanegas Blackberry Every time having is made difficult access to the cheap food purchase, the prices are increased and it is taking passage to serious problems in the consumers, especially, in the underdeveloped countries where the hunger is increased and it can take to serious social situations. s-using-high-yield-credit-to-drive-returns%E2%80%9D/’>James Dondero. In the case of Venezuela […]

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