Cleaning Equipment: Features Foam Generators

By | October 21, 2011

Recently, a very great popularity in the purification equipment have all sorts of foam technology – this foam generators and special vysokopennye detergents). Cleaning equipment with foam generators has many advantages: saving detergent, compared to more traditional methods, a significant reduction in labor costs and reduced working hours, more effective treatment for inaccessible locations and long-standing deposits. Steam generators are widely used disinfection (sterilization) surfaces. Using a pair of high temperature – 95-120 C can reduce the use of disinfectant cleaners, and hence reduce amount of consumed water (obtained from one liter 1673 liters of steam). In processing the clean surface has time to thoroughly disinfect without requiring a long time to dry. Of course, the quality of cleaning equipment depends on several factors: temperature, pressure and humidity steam.

There are a couple of interesting features – for textiles is better to use dry steam, and for removing contaminants from other surfaces – wetted. When using the foam generator must take into account the amount of detergent, which depends on the extent and nature of contamination, water temperature and the treated surface (smooth, rough or porous). Much depends on the location of contaminated surface (vertical or horizontal) and the amount of coating solution. The process of cleaning various surfaces with foam made from a number of complex physico-chemical phenomena, such as: Let's take a closer look of what constitutes foamer: 1. Handle with razmyvochnym spear with interchangeable nozzles of different sections: * Large and medium-section for the change in density foam * small cross section for spraying a liquid without the formation of foam, 2. Pressure reducing valve – to control air supply, 3. Pressure gauges – allows you to monitor the working pressure, 4.

Hose – Flexible, high (10 m), 5. Handle – for transportation; 6. Mixing valve – allows you to control air flow and chemical means, 7. Safety valve – for an emergency pressure relief 8. Device – to clear the air, 9. Level – accurately control the balance of funds in the reservoir 10. Reservoir with a funnel 11. Wheels – for easy movement.

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