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By | January 19, 2013

Hello. If you are reading this blog it is because, like thousands of people, they want to make money online. Like your self I am part of these thousands of people with the same idea or need. That’s why that to having tried several alternatives (without much success) the idea of generating money collectively. To analyze world today highlights a fact that attracts my attention, which is the emergence of mass movements on the internet, either by the net neutrality fight or pro defense of truth, Wikileaks, Anonymous, to name but a few cases. Where all are fighting for a cause (fairly or unfairly gives the same) and gather thousands of people in the network. Due to this I thought because does not generate a mass movement to make money?. And here I am, taking the first step to achieve this.

It is not an easy task, but not impossible. How? We know that there are many ways to earn money (uploading files, advertising, redirecting links, etc, etc) but that no visits or downloads are of no use. This is why if everyone we organize ourselves we can generate very good profits, simply helping us. For example: A site X pay $5 for each 1000 unique downloads. Suppose that the movement to generate money grows and has 1000 adherents simply each of them download the file and already one person would win $5. The system I propose is very similar to the typical pay to click, but here is another essence: you help me and I’ll help you.

This way everybody wins, it would be the movement itself (community, or whatever you call it) which would profit. Another example of how it will operate the motion is as follows: John has a blog and wants to promote it and gain something with Google’s Adsense, so send us the address of your blog and see it for a few moments and if this interesting continue browsing in it (that’s thing each). Or Pedro has a file with a photo and we send the link for download it (whether of Depositfiles, Megaupload). etc. To be part of this community you will have the duty to do click and the right to submit your own links. Everything will be moderated through facebook, since It offers the necessary tools and handy to be able to make more functional community (nearly all have facebook, so I do not believe to be a problem). Once the community has thousand fans or followers (or adherents,) whatever you want to call it will start the exchange of links, which will be published through facebook, private or in this blog message. Also put to the vote the form and the amount of links that a user can do in the week or month and other potential problems that may arise from the abundant flow of information that there will be. Now I invite you to be part of this new way of making money. If you want to participate just become a fan of Community money on facebook or click I like gadget’s facebook site. Original author and source of the article.

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