Death Is Just What The Hijackers ?

By | December 18, 2010

There is already talk of the murder of the kidnapped daughter of Mr. Nelson Vargas. It is no good news this. Just think of a shoot held illegally and violently removed from the parental bosom. Horror. This man has lived a year and three months of mortification and anguish over the kidnapping of his daughter. I heartily wish that the bones found by authorities in a house in southern Mexico City is not your daughter and she is still alive. However, considering that the cowardly criminals animals did not fulfill their part of Silvia release the kidnapped girl, the chances of survival have fallen tragically.

It is in these days when the controversial decision of the congress and executive branch of the Mexican state of Coahuila on implementing the death penalty for any hijacker who caused the death of the victim is thought provoking and varied discussions among politicians and media representatives communication. According to surveys, currently 80 percent of the Mexican population of According to the enactment of the death penalty for kidnappers and murderers. However, before the initiative sent by the federal congress of Coahuila state, some of its most prominent members have responded with heartfelt opposition. It even seems a virtue worth reflecting a small tear in clothing. What if the death penalty is bad for Mexico? Wow, What a question! The death penalty is bad for everyone. Just as the amputation of a foot or any other member of the body. They are bad things.

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