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By | August 14, 2012

The notable growth of the increase of the familiar income is heating all the economic sectors and modifying customs. This change allows that dreams and accomplishments, that before were left of side, can be carried through. The change in the standard of living of the Brazilian also alavancou the access to the Internet. Research discloses that Brazil leads ranking world-wide of navigation time. On average, internautas online for month passes 26 hours. 45 million people are more than having access daily the Internet. It was of eye in this market that has five years the entrepreneur Robert Oliveira decided to create the site. It always worked in digital agencies and after a period in Australia, he came back toward Brazil with the intention to mount a proper and bold business.

The decision to create the site was taken after attending of close the difficulty to the sister finding rendering of services to carry through the party of anniversary of one year of the son. Robert total enxergou the expressive necessity of a service directed toward sector of organization of parties and developed a vestibule where the user can find all the companies who work with the rendering of services for the pursuing of parties and events since the cake confectioner until the instructor of dance to liven up the guests. To facilitate the search, the site divided the infantile advertisers in segments of marriages, parties, corporative formations, debutantes and parties. With national abrangncia, the companies are registered in cadastre by region (been, city and quarter), thus allowing, agility using it not to only find the companies who are next. ' ' Different of the traditional ways as TV, radio, periodicals and magazines, to announce in the Internet it is the form most economic, dynamic and interactive, to divulge the products and services of its company.

In the Internet, the competition is more democratic, therefore the small company can transmit as much professionalism and credibility how much one of greater porte' ' , Robert says. According to entrepreneur, the branch of marriage parties is warmer of the sector. This market grew circa 25% in three years and the invoicing expectation is of approximately 12 billion Reals until the end of the year of 2011. ' ' Vi the possibility of a business where before a gap existed, as much of information, as of rendering of services. The objective of the site was to facilitate the life of who wants to carry through a party or event, being able to find the suppliers of an easy and practical form. After all the Internet if became a utility tool pblica' ' , it finishes. The site developed for Robert already has 2,500 a thousand companies approximately registered in cadastre and intermediated 20 a thousand events. Robert still guarantees that the financial return exceeded its expectations.

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