Digital Computer Science Education

By | August 8, 2012

Formation for Coordinators of Laboratory of Computer science DIGITAL EDUCATION: a new form of learning Antonio Loyal Alvimar Silva1 Fair of Santana 2008 ' ' The main goal of the education is to create men who are capable to make new things, not simply to repeat what other generations already had made. Men who are creative, inventive, finders. The second goal of the education is to form minds that are in conditions to criticize, to verify and not to accept everything that they if prope.' ' (Jean Piaget) DIGITAL EDUCATION: a new form of learning Antonio Loyal Alvimar Hisses Summary the technological resources is contributing of significant form for the development of the education through the great amount of available information and the rapidity with that it is transmitted, therefore fits to the professors, to enable itself to take care of to the necessities of learning of the pupils since this new form of learning becomes education most dynamic. The world became digitalizado, and school will not be able to resist these changes, therefore, the great examples of change in the educational behavior could not be given, seno for it. Words key: Technology of information, education, learning, computer, Internet. INTRODUCTION the forms Are several for which the man enters in relation with the world encircles that it, to depend on the circumstances and necessities, as well as of the type of culture where it is inserted. Today the main form to enter in contact with the globalizado world is the technological resources that if have developed very quickly. With the great expansion of the computer and the Internet one became necessary to clearly disponibilizar in pages of the Internet information that could assist in the continuous educative process, by means of orientation of professors, parents and professionals who have knowledge of the use of the adjusted tools to search and to explore to the maximum its potential of education.

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