Digital Photography

By | June 3, 2012

If you are confused and she does not obtain to understand accurately what the numbers and codes of its lens mean all, this article is for you. If when reading this article you to feel necessity of information add you will be contented in trying to help it. He feels myself invited in them to write through this link: contatoPartindo for what it interests, all lens has two basic characteristics: Opening and Focal Distance. Understanding these two concepts are easy to know of what you precisa.AberturToda lens possess a called mechanism diaphragm. The diaphragm imagines as if it was its pupil: an orifice of changeable opening for which the light (image is read) enters for the interior of the ocular globe (lens and camera) and arrives until the retina (sensory of captation of the image). In situations of little luminosity and/or when you look at for objects very next to you its pupil if dilata to optimize the image that goes to arrive until its retina. The same necessary thing to happen with the diaphragm so that if it gets the best possible image. It stops to help to understand the specification of the lenses as its opening we go to take as reference the capacity of captation of light of the human eye and to attribute it factor to it f/1.

Half of the capacity of the human eye is equivalent to the opening of a lens of the type f/2. It notices that how much bigger the factor f/n, minor the opening. Very well, I understood, but as this affects my photos? In two main ways:? Luminosity: how much bigger the opening, greater the quality of the photos in environments of low luminosity. One remembers this when to need to photograph in this type of environments;? Depth of field: on the other hand, how much bigger the lesser opening the depth of field, that is, minor the capacity to second keep in focus objects in and third plans.

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