By | September 10, 2013

It has something that is very common, mainly for that need to catch bus, train or meter to be moved. Empirically I perceived that it has the fear, the diffidence of the other in each person, that appeared has little time, and does not have better place to observe itself of what in a train. It is always the same thing. If it does not have that one gentleman of age that says of all its life, of how much the young of had today moved, she is that owner speaking of pain in the coasts, retirement etc. A time or another one enters those colleagues of firm ' ' putting pau' ' in the head, if that family with a great number of children not crying out and eating biscuit of polvilho, urban, twisted tribes and we cannot forget the sleepers that of so mentally ill, wake up accurately in its stations, also has the salesmen of gadgets, or pides of alms, I detach one that makes twenty years that aid for its just-born son asks for.

But our colloquy is around that they are there in foot or seated, of well opened eyes, looking at you sings for it of the eyes, is escutadores of MP3, or would be better, colocadores of earphone in the ear? Before explaining this phenomenon I go to arrive in the conclusion, therefore when I asked for a person the reason for which the people have this characteristic said me to it: ' ' If she cannot trust ningum&#039 more; '. Is simple, or complex? But the person has in itself the good and the evil, in which the good is its essence, however the evil can inhabit in our thoughts. When we have conscience of our capacity, we imagine it us others. What it makes with that let us take refuge in them in we ourselves, preventing the intervention of the other. We have fear of what they can speak of us, or even though thinking, we find insane person that one that compliments to all, that one talks with any, and for finding such strange person for its acts, our trend we are to prevent something that if resembles these people. The best way to make this is being each one in its using the earphone, because you are not one gotten passionate for music, but is an acknowledgment that says: ' ' it does not say with me ' '. Now we can remembering in them the conclusion that already was cited in 3 paragraph.

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