Enterprise Communication

By | July 10, 2012

The evolution of the communication throughout history passes for diverse moments where the form, the content, the canals and the language of propagation of a message suffer diverse alterations until the present. With the sprouting of the Internet, one of the events that more influence in the current society had, the change of position of the public, starts to bring a new form of communication, creating plus a stage in its evolution, that brings mannering practical others, a new virtual culture e, over all a form to interact with digital contents that make to appear a new model of consumer. If before the sprouting of the virtual way or it Ciberespao, the consuming one was generally kept in a position of mere spectator, only receiving information from the calls mass contents, today the scene of the digital ways, already they provide for this public a reality that goes very beyond only observing and catching information and contents. The consuming one starts to have a paper of content generator, where the information that circulate, are in good part created by the proper users. They are innumerable contents as videos, musics, texts, photos, amongst others, that place the consumer in a more active paper and with great importance in this space. From this new position, the consumer starts to be seen in a different way for the companies, therefore it starts to demand new forms of contact and, over all of interaction. The strategies of media for the digital way need to be rethink under a new perspective, a new to look at, where the public, now formador of content, more is not made use to only receive information, but want to interact with the space, to contribute, to publish, to share and constantly to realimentar the generation of content and information. For each profile, one interaction form that dumb frequent, therefore does not exist a success formula to conquer the attention of the public in definitive way.

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