Great Pyramids

By | April 28, 2012

Case that stage in the spiral staircase are wedge-shaped. Wide end of the stage are attached to the rack rails and narrow – to the wall. Due to such irregularities, some the impression that the stage is too narrow. Today, however, to fabrication of spiral staircases fit separately. Specialists estimate that the optimal width of the middle level will be 20-25 inches, and a wide base – about 40! These sizes will allow you to feel confident in spiral staircase. Do not forget that the spiral staircase – very steep, so pay attention to safety rules, setting it at home.

Comfortable, solid and yet lightweight, reliable, thorough, respectable – it's all about the stairs at Kosourov. Kosourov – a supporting beam, set at an angle to which the fixed level. Most often, such kosour to have two (especially if the wide staircase – more than 2-2,5 meters) but it is possible to set the ladder on Kosourov with one carrier beam (central). Stairs to Kosourov, depending on the materials used for construction and finishing, can look very elegant, easy, and even air. Nevertheless, Kosourov that are most often made of metal, concrete or wood, do not give doubt the strength and structural integrity.

Such steps are time-tested. Description of the stairs on Kosourov occur even in the manuscript sources of Ancient Egypt since the construction of the Great Pyramids. Someone above mentioned structures seem too bulky. In this case, the perfect choice would be stairs to the Bolza. There were stairs to the Bolza about a hundred years ago in Germany.

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