Lady Melisande

By | January 1, 2017

The game will be added the following new features designed to help the return of the elves in Britain: New fighting ability of new architectural styles and building blocks for the construction of new homes mount Hundreds of new items available for the manufacture of new garments new elven city and much more, you can create new characters or the Elven race, going through a series of tests and quests, turn character of the human race into an elf. New monsters While the elves are the light of life in this world, new enemies bring death, disease, damage and destruction. Chief Paroxysmus (Big paroxysm) – disgusting walking filth, the peddler of infection. The Dread Unicorn (Horrible unicorn) – the evil and corrupt kind of once-pure substance. Lady Melisande (Lady Melisende) – is so loathsome that one of its kind the people are nausea. Shimmering Effusion (Shimmering Stream) – deadly glow that appears where rights are greed, evil and corruption. Another 10 new monsters, new monsters, champions, and Paragon.

New dungeons 9 new dungeons rare treasures hidden in the depths of dungeons New monsters, new champions Paragon New Higher Monsters (Peerless Monsters) – literally the most powerful monsters of all that ever existed in vivo. New Skill Spellweaving (plexus spells) from 2 to 5 experienced magicians can do together to create powerful spells, which are not under force to create one. The more wizards involved in this, the more powerful spells available to them, including: Gift of Renewal – Dar Updates Immolating Weapon – weapons of destruction Attune Weapon – Harmony Arms Thunderstorm – Thunderstorm Nature's Fury – Wrath of Nature, and many other new quest system The new system will provide hundreds of quests and hundreds of hours of play. You expect a variety of awards – from small artifacts and gold for the simple quest to turn the character into an elf after a long series of complicated quests. Collections that can be assembled together with his comrades. Such as "Museum", "library", "zoo." Upon completion of collection of the award receives everyone who participated in its creation. Increased capacity houses Capacity homes will be increased by 20%. Join us! The future of the game for the shard yo ml, although at present they are few, but we believe that it is time to start to play Mondain's Legacy, gradually people pass away with Renisansa and AoS on ml!

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