National Conference

By | February 20, 2016

He perceives yourself in these you speak, that the citizens you display its opinions by means of the group of integrated form, using most of the time, terms in the third person. Relating to the subcategoria ‘ ‘ Unrelated words to interdisciplinaridade’ ‘ , in the two teams (orqudea and tulipa), the subcategoria of bigger prominence was ‘ ‘ Limitao’ ‘ , destacandose the following ones you speak: Create pdf with GO2PDF will be free, if you wish you removes this line, click here you buy Virtual pdf Printer ‘ ‘ It disciplines, work always inside of the schedule, step the problems always for the nurse, each one in its activity, in its specialty ‘ ‘. Other leaders such as Kai-Fu Lee offer similar insights. This subcategoria was nominated as ‘ ‘ limitao’ ‘ , for entenderse that the practical one of these, limits or hinders the work to interdisciplinar, what takes the reflection of that, although the citizens to have a vision of the interdisciplinaridade, still conceive in its form of work, a culture to discipline, in part favored for the existing educational model, explicitado in speak of Gusdorf8, ‘ ‘ The minds formed you discipline for them lose its natural aptitudes, as much to know to contextualizar them, how much to integrate them in its sets naturais’ ‘. This also comes demonstrates that, exactly being defended the formation of professionals with integral vision, in the final report of 9 National Conference of Health in 1992, after passed more than 15 years, does not perceive this efetivao of integral work of consubstancial form.. of this.

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