Open Source Backup Conference

By | May 13, 2014

The programme for the Conference on the 25.09.2013 in Cologne is the open source backup Conference (formerly “Bacula Conference”), which takes place at the 25.09.2013 in Cologne, area all moving forward with Bareos and the Bacula Community Edition deals with different data backup products in the open source,. While the Conference 2009-2012 exclusively on the subject of “Bacula” is focused over the years, the Conference has this year also other open source data backup solutions and open. This is not least due the growing importance of the Bacula forks Bareos. Another new feature of the Conference is to facilitate the discussion among the participants. In addition to a space for the lecture program there will be a further area for live demonstrations and discussions with each other. The lecture program offers much new around open source backup solutions. So, the Bareos project uses this platform, to explain why it has detached itself from and what Bareos already offers.

In addition to the good Support for all major Linux distributions and Windows are also enhancements such as support for Windows software management packages in the OPSI passive clients support, format, copy jobs across different storage servers, NDMP support and the MS-SQL plugin. Marco van Wieringen (developer and maintainer of the Bareos) and Philipp Storz (author of the book Bacula – backup strategies and solutions in the network) have agreed area in the Hands-On to present various aspects of Bareos and answer questions available. The disaster recovery framework relax-and recover is presented D ‘ Jane, one of the main authors of Gratien. Used correctly, it offers a very easy-to-use solution completely from scratch to restore systems Linux failure of a computer. Backup monitoring (using Check_MK) and reporting (using JasperReports) are presented, as well as various success stories in the Bacula and Bareos environment. This is complemented really by testimonials about the use large disk backup systems with 3 PetByte hard disk capacity. Information on the Conference, see

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