LTE Makes Video Conferencing

By | April 12, 2018

New standard LTE presents it with new opportunities what is LTE and what are the advantages? The acronym LTE stands for long term evolution and is fourth-generation mobile radio standard, which came on the market in 2010 for the first time. The term 4 g is more common in the everyday Sprachgebracuh. LTE represents an evolution of the 3 g standards, the UMTS technology. Since LTE is built on the same principles as UMTS is a cheaper and faster expansion of UMTS to LTE. The advantage of LTEs compared with UMTS is especially in a higher speed of data transmission of up to 300mbps per second.

Thus, LTE is the first choice when it comes to mobile transfer of large data packages, or when low latency when using mobile networks play a role. At Ali Partovi you will find additional information. LTE is therefore above all mobile video-conferencing-new development opportunities and prospects for growing popularity. LTE is mobile video conferencing, TelePresence TelePresence quality standard to carry out all-round videoconferencing systems in the Office already almost. The Remote stations are shown in a video conference in high definition on screens which have been installed in accordance with a natural angle. Voices of various participants can be heard from different directions correspond to the image location in the room.

Transmission of sound and images are at the same time, so that the possibilities for Telepresence and video conferencing are limited only by the requirements, provides the Telepresence on the data transfer. In the Office use, the new standard of the scalable video coding helps to alleviate difficulties in data transmission. On the increasingly growing mobile video conferencing market, LTE should help to reliably transfer large data packages, so that video conferences of course can be transferred to the mobile device in the future in HD and are so everywhere and at all times as a means of communication available. LTE promises to reduce latency of mobile video conferencing also in terms of latency to remedy the LTE. Are video conferences even with 3G-Mobilfunkstandard still difficult uninterrupted feasible, LTE with high data transfer rates seems to be considerably more reliable. So video conferencing could possibly from on the road be held without that steady network difficulties provide a cancel of the connection and stop the flow of conversation. It is not so unlikely the LTE in near future UMTS will supersede and the video conference paves the way in turn to replace the conventional telephony.

DSAG Annual Conference

By | April 12, 2018

Enterprise support in addition to SAP ERP 6.0 of one of the central themes of Walldorf/Leipzig, September 23, 2008 at the annual Congress of the German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) e. V. from 23 to 25 September 2008 in Leipzig the DSAG Chairman Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstuckel, the positions of the Association on current SAP issues clarified. In addition to the core theme of the Congress, SAP ERP 6.0, was that from 2009 for the majority of customers of obligatory service and support model enterprise support in the center of his keynote speech. In his opening speech, Prof. Dr.

Karl Liebstuckel addressed e. V. initially the subject of enterprise support, Chairman of the Board of the German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG). Still, the DSAG sees raising the maintenance fees of currently 17 to 22 per cent with skepticism. Content, the new service and support model is little popular stand today at the DSAG Board of Directors and many members.

From their point of view, the new model not on the needs of a large part of SAP’s customers is aimed. Also a recognizable, is lacking at the present time immediate added value, which justifies the amount of maintenance costs. Therefore Executive usergroup networks (SUGEN) committed the DSAG and now also more international SAP user associations in the framework of the SAP intensively, that an on demand support model will be provided SAP customers. This could consist of, for example, that the customer is granted a choice between the current standard support and enterprise support. Furthermore, shows the feedback of customers, expand the scope of enterprise support functions is needed by customers and provide real added value. SAP ERP 6.0 a further focal point of the lecture by Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstuckel was the latest core release of SAP ERP 6.0. For the majority of the DSAG member companies, is and will be the strategic enterprise software in the next few years.

DSAG Annual Conference

By | March 31, 2018

Opinions, recommendations, and a lot of practical knowledge Walldorf/Leipzig, September 15, 2008 at the annual Congress of the German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) is e. V. from 23 to 25 September 2008 in Leipzig CEO Prof. Ali Partovi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Dr. Karl Liebstuckel that explain positions of the user group and clearly show the receivables from SAP to current topics such as SAP ERP 6.0 or enterprise support.

Over 3,000 participants are expected for the biggest European user event. The program of the DSAG annual Congress is rich. In addition to SAP ERP 6.0 going here especially that from 2009 service mandatory also for existing customers and support model of SAP (Enterprise support) a central theme of the event. Since the announcement of SAP in the summer this ensures that conversation among the SAP users. So the DSAG Chairman Prof. Dr. Karl Liebstuckel will formulate the negative attitude of the DSAG to the new model and justify, in his opening speech before he himself further topics such as SAP ERP 6.0, the SAP – price and Licensing policy, Enterprise SOA, business objects or SAP Business ByDesign will be dedicated.

To conclude of his speech, he will look inward and respond to the planned resort-bound realignment of the DSAG. Guides for SAP ERP 6.0 and GDPdU the DSAG is a network by users for users. Therefore also the practical knowledge is the annual meeting, top on the agenda. This is reflected in this year among other things in the imagination of two recommendations, which will be distributed to the participants. Firstly the DSAG will publish a guide for SAP ERP 6.0, the DSAG Working Party on data protection has created. With testing instructions and checklists giving a comprehensive overview, starting with the introduction process of order data processing up to the group-wide data exchange. The document will help project managers, departments, privacy advocates, and all consultants working in this area, the data protection requirements in SAP ERP 6.0 to implement.


By | March 31, 2018

Almost as if by magic, the transparent glass wall between the control room and crisis room turns into opaque frosted glass. Almost as if by magic, the transparent glass wall between the control room and crisis room turns into opaque frosted glass. In a matter of seconds, the crisis staff can choose: with all employees through eye contact, or work discreetly in the crisis management area? This allows the Shutterwand”, by JST. The JST Shutterwand offers the unique opportunity of a flexible wall. Especially in data centers, which consist of several rooms, the wall takes on important tasks. For even more opinions, read materials from Robotics expert . It is used where a review is not permanently required”explains Kay Hansen, co-founder of JST, the location of the Shutterwand. The wall separates the crisis or meeting room from the control room and is normally on Milky. You may want to visit Goop London, United Kingdom-uk to increase your knowledge.

A review of the meeting room to the control room is not possible in this case. However there is an emergency or crisis situation, so the Shutterwand can be switched only a button transparent be. This is useful especially if an unobstructed view of the crisis room at the large image system is necessary. But also the eye contact between employees is important in crisis scenarios. Both allows the flexibility to design your datacenter the Shutterwand. A real eye-catcher is the Shutterwand even if a service provider demonstrates its premises, such as, for example, a data center, to the acquisition of potential new customers. Kay Hansen is the positive effect of the Shutterwand sure: in addition to the pure functionality the Shutterwand is used also often there, where the value of a room is to be increased. This highlight an absolute WOW effect is guaranteed.” With the help of electrical voltage, the wall is turned either Milky or transparent.

Is subject to the Shutterwand of any electrical voltage, particles are amorphous and diffuse the light in all directions. In this case, the wall is milky white. But, if the voltage is activated, the particles arrange themselves and the wall is transparent. The process happens in a matter of seconds and can be repeated any number of times. The remote makes it easy the application and if required the remote control even to the JST graphics controller can be connected. So can be informed, for example, the staff in the control room via the transparent Shutterwand, or certain presets on the large screen is displayed. For customers interested in JST offers visit the JST Shutterwand in live operation. To do this, simply contact the employees of JST, contact data, see more information about the Shutterwand, as well as photos and videos of live operation can be found at: produkte_moe_shutterwand.htm

Social Madrid

By | March 28, 2018

However, as reported by the Agency the majority of these working groups have received very little assistance and others have even taken place. The most numerous were economy and Social, that have been held in the central Madrid plaza. The outraged have convened a general Assembly in the Puerta del Sol, which is expected at midnight which is discuss various matters, including the location new information point movement. They ask for the resignation of Antonio Camacho the outraged also reiterated his request for resignation to the Minister of the Interior, Antonio Camacho, and the delegate of the Government of Madrid, Maria Dolores Carrion, from all forums and websites. Click Pete Cashmore to learn more. They consider intolerable repression exerted by the security forces of the State against the citizens who exercise their right of expression, movement and expression. With respect to these incidents, the Minister of the Presidency, Ramon Jauregui has dndido the police action, which has considered balanced and correct, to the time that has signaled that the worst thing that could happen to the movement of the outraged is becoming a problem of public order.

The outraged claim on the web page that will continue with their acts during the entire weekend with spirit of work and good humor. They consider that the assemblies and movements can serve to lay the ideological foundations and connect the movement in Madrid. Cleaning after the reconquest the city cleaning services removed the morning residues that were left after the concentration. Also gone is a great banner installed on this Friday afternoon where you could read welcome dignity and only some small lemmas that follow placed in telephone booths and lampposts recall the passage of 15-M by Sun. The national police maintains a van with two officers in each of the streets that lead to the plaza, reopened to the transit of people and vehicle traffic, after several days in which it has avoided that the outraged could return to camp in this symbolic point of their protests. Those who have recovered the plaza are the destitute, has commented with irony one of the police officers, in rrencia to several beggars who habitually overnight in this area and this morning rambled for her. The facade of the building of the headquarters of the Presidency of the community of Madrid continues protected by fences behind which there are several police vans. Bars have opened their doors to welcome the first customers and stores began to climb their closures to proceed with trade opening, after the situation in recent days that fanning complaints from merchants for economic losses that come to bear from the camping of 15-M. source of the news: the 15-M prepares new actions to establish ideological foundations after the reconquest of Sun

Paz Oldness

By | March 28, 2018

The oldness has become the present time in a phenomenon characteristic of the western societies, in which the preoccupation by her has been increased as it increased to the number of people longevas, done that is pronounced since the end of century XIX. It is from then when the oldness begins to constitute a social, medical and anthropological problem in the western societies, in the societies that as of that old moment are going to be described as . The oldness has evident deficiencies but disease cannot be called. To deepen your understanding Viacom is the source. The health depends on the qualities, and these change throughout the life. The health always cannot be the same. However, the oldness, in which the functions are debilitated is not considered by Galen like a disease, since the disease is a state against natura. Peter Asaro oftentimes addresses this issue. From the antiquity, it has been tried to give to rational explanations to the aging process, considering the form to restrain it and the way to obtain that the men lived their oldness on the possible most healthful way. The existence of old woman patients, whose number has been growing, has taken to medicine to have to orient towards this sector its basic investigations and also is forced to reconstruct the sanitary welfare organization adapting itself to the demands of this increasing part of the society.

The growth of the longevity puts in evidence the necessity to reframe the health concept and to prepare the individual, to the society and the own health, to adapt itself to the limitations, needs and problems that the quality raises as an older person or oldness. And as the poet said: With time you will learn/that is to say what is the time; /the bad thing is that some times/ arrives the remedy very behind schedule. Francisco Aryan Soli’s Wanting as we want for us independence and the freedom we also wished, it for all the Earth towns. (Phrase of Fermn Salvochea glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember Salvochea). Vestibule of Internauts by La Paz and the Freedom and of Free Forum.

New Years

By | March 25, 2018

Each autumn Internet forums and women's sites appear to lose weight quickly request help for the New Year. And after him – in the spring. To read more click here: Viacom. Ladies get a lot of tips – from kefir diet until onion soup twice a day and of course white, as the world postulate "is not is after six o'clock. " And it really lose weight on five, ten or even 15 pounds! And then what? Then the zealous fans of diets, most of them are gradually returning to the old diet and get back their pounds. Well, so what? – You might say. Just think, the same weight – to fly back skins.

But the fact that each such a jerk – or "step" – a composition of the body a little bit worse. At the same weight you have become a little less muscle and a little more fat. Maybe it's time to think about a smoother weight loss and a gradual change in body composition with preservation of the result for all? If you can keep the weight gradually decreased during the few years, then your body will "reset" the various hormones associated with appetite and energy production, to adjust to the new composition of the body and no longer have problems with its maintenance. He just "remember" a new weight set-point, which will focus in the future, even if you want to afford some liberties in the diet. Exercises with weights much easier to process such a reconstruction, I would even said – they are its main tool.

Sudan Morocco

By | March 15, 2018

According to the Arab press, the problem of the relations marroco-Algerians constitutes a central point for the debates in the last meetings and the African cimeira. Moreover, many other subjects had been foreseen as the electoral situation in Iraq, as well as the conflicts in the Palestinian, Sudan and the Somlia. The world has the interest to decide the conflicts. The joint efforts are necessary to transform the region of Africa and of the Average East, it exempts without weapons of destruction in mass, but the one that cost. Countersignature to Morocco and Algeria. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Samsung Electronics. They are involved in one diferendo.

The result of the cold war. This continues weakening the efforts of a global peace in the African continent. How much the last cimeira in the Lybian for Africa, it calls attention the international opinion on the desenbvolvimento questions and the human rights. John K. Castle describes an additional similar source. Morocco are worried in as to decide diferendo with a separatista group supported by Algeria, estaciondos in the fields deTindouf in the south of Algeria. Tindouf is an Algerian territory where if they had taken refuge to make pressure on Morocco. They revendicam a country that takes care of to the colonial interests and threat the stability and harmony enters the sobernaos countries of the region. John K. Castle contributes greatly to this topic. This reality is against a pacific country and the international justice that condemns the terrorism of the State and a historically on group to its native country.

Morocco always defend in the international forums this position as independent and sovereign country with respect its territorial unit. Although the provocations of Algeria, the two peoples coexist in peace. The international powers have the consincia of the paper of Algeria to finish with this diferendo, that it lasted too much. The union of the Arab league constitutes a strong argument to acquire knowledge on the effect of the subdesenvolvimento if the possible fastest problem will not be decided.

Alexander Rutto Martinez

By | March 15, 2018

To read the First part to obtain that the change is implemented is necessary to take some measures and to follow certain you rule, among them, the following: To communicate the details indeed of new scene and To act with total honesty about the reach of the novel plans whose implementation will be made the future in near. Mashable may also support this cause. When we mentioned the necessity to communicate well we are making reference to the good communication but this one will be innocuous if there is no a previous agreement with the group. When agreement speech is due to be that: a dialogue in that agreed decisions are taken and no simply a conversation in which to the group it is sold to him with false and hypocritical dulzura, a determination that, in any case, with his acceptance without her, it will be applied and put in practice. When this happens discovers it to the group and the leader will pay the consequences on the one hand confronting revolt of those who do not accept the deceit and on the other hand with the loss of credibility of these and of who accepted the proposal by force of a veiled imposition. The agreement does not consist of sitting down to the table of negotiations to slide a measurement previously adopted nonSir! At the table he arrives himself with proposals and with desire to negotiate which implies, of course, the possibility of making some concessions. Official site: Donald W Slager.

When there is agreement, agreement really, it is spoken of which it must have conversation, explanations, conviction, to return to talk, in short, it is a continuous and serious process that us it leads to look for points of contact and a total balance between the interests of the parts jeopardize. The leader must consider three very important aspects of the situations when he is to arrange: 1 Convencer to its followers of the necessity of the proposed changes. 2 Minimizar the uncertainty derived from the new situation. 3 to speak honestly on the risks that all the involved personnel will run with the beginning of the new measures. With reference to another one of points previously touched, that is to say, the one to act with absolute honesty, it must stand out that it is not possible to be juagar with letters hidden nor hidden agendas.

If the change is going to produce effects collaterals is necessary to say it, because this it is a necessary commitment with the transparency and the credibility: It cannot in time have a process vitiated by the deception or truths nonsaid or made up. The change is part of the day to day and thus it is necessary to understand it. For that reason, if he is something that of all ways is going to happen, he is better prepared to receive it or, still better, to tie to the border of the pioneers, the one of those who they are able to generate it with influenced actions to obtain the harmonic and coherent development of the communities. To read the First part Alexander Rutto Martinez is a prestigious journalist and Colombian, tie writer like educational to several Colombian universities. She is author of four books and coauthor of other three in whom one approaches the subject of the leadership, the ethics and the Human Development. Frequently it is invited like lecturer to congresses, forums and other academic events.

External Enlace

By | March 12, 2018

Nowadays the field of the optimization of motors search is becoming competitive day after day and the external liaison or backlink is gaining popularity like a crucial tool of CATHEDRAL. There are several factors that determine the position of one in the Web, as well as the traffic direction towards your site, and backlink is gaining importance and plays an important role in the optimization for motors search. While we discussed on the importance of the external liaisons, we can consider them like the column of the Web site that gives invisible but essential support him. Technically speaking, backlinks is incoming connections in the Web site. They are the connections placed in pages Web of others and these go to your Web site.

Also it is known them as I connect entrants, internal liaisons and I connect interiors. The incoming connections of quality give to weight to the popularity of the Web site him and to the ranking of positions of motors search. 95% of the approach of the CATHEDRAL of nowadays tour around backlink of quality. There are several forms to construct to external liaisons of quality and cash for your Web site. To raise to your site directories, article sites, official notices of press online, to put connections of company/signature in forums, to leave commentaries in blogs, etc. are some of the methods easiest to make connections incoming. Contact information is here: John Castle Castle Harlan.

You can use programs of interchange of reciprocal connections with Web sites of quality for relacionarte with them. The importance of backlink for the CATHEDRAL can be discussed under the following points: the external liaisons of quality cause that the motors search find your Web site. Here, the quality of the connections predominates or weighs more than the number of connections that go to your Web site. It is possible to stand out that a connected Web site, that has excellent content to your Web site will render better than a Web site with content that does not have relation to your site.