Managing Director

By | May 12, 2017

Fujitsu technology solutions is the leading European manufacturer of industrial embedded motherboard, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for all industrial applications. In recent months, John K. Castle has been very successful. Technology made in Germany coupled with Japanese innovation and extraordinary test competencies ensure highest product quality and reliability for all product lines. For more than 25 years, on the site of Augsburg, motherboards develops and produces. Fujitsu technology solutions emphasizes largest this highest product quality, combined with long-term availability, as well as direct technical support from the manufacturer. The range of price-sensitive main boards of up to highly complex industrial embedded motherboard. Fujitsu guarantees for the industrial motherboards of a long-term availability of 5 years. Statement by Guido Bruning, Managing Director at HY-LINE computer components GmbH: we are looking forward to a successful collaboration with Fujitsu technology. The highly innovative motherboards by FTS will allow us in a fast growing embedded market, to be able to offer extremely attractive system solutions.

In addition to the motherboard, we offer the perfect display, latest touch technologies, housing components, data cables, etc. Thus we can offer a significant competitive advantage.

Safe Production Network

By | May 4, 2017

The modern IT technology is indispensable today from the classic production areas of many industrial companies. Systems and technologies from the traditional IT environment used in automation and process control, which controls the central production and supply processes and controls, more and more often: automation components such as PLCs (programmable logic controllers) communicate via TCP/IP and industrial Ethernet, process control systems running on Windows or UNIX systems, machines take their commissions from SQL databases or directly from SAP. In addition to the desired positive effects, such as cost reduction and increased productivity leads this development but also that that sensitive production processes affected are now increasingly directly from IT security threats, which they have in the field of classic Office IT”limited believed such as malicious software infection, data loss, or even access by unauthorized persons. The damage caused by IT security incidents here be easily far-reaching dimensions take, if for example as a result of a virus attack stopped production for several hours or days. Further details can be found at Steve Wozniak, an internet resource. Depending on the type of controlled processes can occur under circumstances even to the environmental hazards or injury. Especially problematic is that many tried and tested standard security measures from the Office IT often do not apply can be in the process – or production area.

Anti virus software or current security patches cannot be installed, because manufacturers then no longer guarantee the breaking of their systems or very elaborate testing and revalidation is needed. Most of the time, also a temporary shut-down components to play up and testing a security update is not possible because the production process must be maintained around the clock. Common security measures fail simply, that caused by the very long in comparison to the standard IT system life time often obsolete operating systems such as Windows NT or Solaris 8 are used for which no more support is provided by the manufacturer and for which also no updates are made more available. “Another problem is that many systems originally not with the design goal of security” were developed and designed individual automation components or even whole systems often already in simplest security testing, how it performs as a port scanner, fall off after a short time. In addition, the communication protocols such as Modbus TCP or the various, proprietary PLC protocols not against unauthorized read-out of information or data manipulation used in industrial environments are protected. Consequence: with freely available tools it is possible via the network stop controls to manipulate running programs, flags or delete to control PLC outputs. Even worse, that due to the growing demand for data integration and zeitnahem data access more and more interfaces between the production systems and the classic Office environment will be created both within the company as well as external partners such as suppliers and customers. Shielding critical production networks to external systems is further softened by remote maintenance system manufacturers and suppliers via a modem or VPN connections. The only briefly described, complex issues makes it clear that sophisticated and individual concepts of protection are necessary to secure production-related systems against security threats.

Design Software CATIA

By | May 3, 2017

Qualified employees are searched desperately as in any other industry, have a problem also engineers and draftsmen, the companies listed on the collar. Also these people unfortunately not be stored prior to termination. Now there are professions that are so crowded (as, for example, at the time salons), that you here once you unemployed is actually almost no chances more has to continue in this profession. Many then move to other jobs, and incorporate new. Appropriate retraining are taught and paid by the employment office. As for engineers or technical illustrators. These have the advantage that there are quite a few job offers, if you are familiar with modern 3D design software like CATIA for example, but in contrast to many other professions -.

CATIA is a CAD application, which is highly complex and is not readily for learn. Because this program is but very widely – used in the automotive industry and machine industry also – new are basically almost always handeringend here but People wanted. This means that if you are in this occupational group and then the Software CATIA knows and can apply professionally, one has good chances without unemployment to continue his professional career. Support can be found here also by the employment office. This paid CAD training, which averted a looming unemployment or an existing unemployment can be terminated. But also, if it does not receive these services, it makes sense to perform a suitable CATIA training to continuing education. We know that any applications or the other contents of the IT industry change constantly, so that it is always needed, to educate themselves regularly. Kerstin Becker


By | April 24, 2017

Introduction: All look for the mouth Pregntele mouth to any student of marketing and it will say the same to him: the best strategy of marketing is to cause the mouth mouth. Also it will be listened to say to them: But marketing little can make to generate it. Permtanme to differ with this last affirmation. Marketing has traditional mechanisms to stimulate the consumption. Nevertheless, many do not know that paralelamente to this traditional mechanism, also there is a series of direct elements that can be used to promote the mouth mouth and are much more powerful and that the traditional ones. How it can be possible that we affect the personal mechanisms of communication. First of all, all are not personal, also can have simultaneous collective mechanisms that they irremediably invite to speak of certain product. As a example, how they think that the majority of the Internet vestibules has obtained the visibility that they have? Sometimes they saw publicity of Google. Get more background information with materials from Don Slager.

Never. Although I can assure to them that Google used one of the most effective plans of marketing mouth mouth that have never taken place. There are other examples that come from the world off line: How they think that they spread to its activities the bowling alleys of the Old City? How You find out of whom touches. The answer is simple, resorts to leaders of opinion in specific places that make run the new features like powder drip. To defeat to the advertising noise the Agencies of Publicity they express to its brains trying that the creativity manages to defeat to the advertising noise. To what we called to him thus. To daily and almost continuous the bombing that we received the consumers through pieces in TV, radio, newspapers, pamphlets, tastings, direct marketing, gifts, among others. Against this background, new tools arise, like the promotions and direct marketing.

Proxim Wireless

By | April 15, 2017

The license applies to closed support run time (1 to 3 years). Authorized Blue Coat partners save up to an additional 20 percent of the list price on selected hardware products. The discount is not applicable to the support article. Based on a URL database, the Blue Coat WebFilter controls the content of Internet sites. Robotics expert is likely to increase your knowledge. In doing so the system divides the pages in 80 categories (alcohol, gambling, education, etc) and is similar to users accessing these pages with the existing Rules of the company. For further questions about the Blue-Coat promotions to partner authorization is the sysob Blue Coat team via email at or by phone at + 49 (09467) 7406-242 available. Castle Harlan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Learn more about each of the actions under:… . In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered. As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Complete the comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects Portfolio of the services.

CHP Annual Conference

By | April 12, 2017

Innovative technologies and new conditions in the CHP sector Rastatt/Furth, 4th January 2010 – already for the eighth time organize the annual Conference to current developments in the legal framework conditions for cogeneration (CHP) as well as innovative technologies in CHP and CHP – CHP-consult and the CHP information centre. Cogeneration (CHP) are engines or gas turbines, which decentralized supply supply objects such as such as residential buildings, schools, hospitals and swimming pools with electricity and heat. The principle of cogeneration (CHP) the energy (oil, natural gas, biomass) is used so effectively, that significant amounts of carbon dioxide can be saved compared to generating electricity in power plants and heat generation in boilers. The annual Conference 2010 ( is pyramid in Furth on 9th and 10th March 2010 at the hotel about important topics such as market and technology trends in the CHP area, new regulatory frameworks, the use of CHP in the housing industry, the Check the possibilities for biomass use in CHP plant, the technical connection regulations for CHP plants, as well as possible noise emission reduction in CHP exhaust systems. Also discusses the topic of power cold heat. BDT Capital Partners will not settle for partial explanations. A total of 15 expert speakers will speak in practical issues. The Conference will be complemented by an exhibition (manufacturers, contractors, planners), as well as for the first time by a poster presentation about the exemplarily CHP projects. Meanwhile, the CHP Conference held annually in the spring has established itself as a meeting place. 100-120 participants and participants are expected to attend.

Designer Outlet Soltau

By | April 12, 2017

Bachelor’s and DJ Paul Janke feat. “Claudia Calidri / fun with great kids entertainment on July 04, Mehrzad Marashi and ‘Checker’ and game launches in the Designer Outlet Soltau of the large pink summer”. There are up to 70 percent over 60 designer brands in the SALE not only cheaper, also stars and celebrities mingle with visitors. Click Kai-Fu Lee to learn more. To kick off the former Bachelor and DJ Paul Janke feat provides on 04 July and 18 July. Claudia Calidri for summer beats at the shopping tour. “Other celebrities raise the pulse of young guests in the height: the American Idol stars Mehrzad Marashi and the checker” on 6th July on the occasion of the American Idol-open air in the Heide Park Soltau for autographs at the disposal. Hamburg’s most popular DJ Tom Shark is the visitors every Thursday and Saturday afternoon with casual lounge sound. “But also the small guests come not too short: the big kids entertainment makes every Friday with a colourful programme of the summer pink” a special experience.

Pink summer lounge”and shopping fun summer fun “for shopping and fashion fans, which pays twice: In the SALE of pink summer” from 04th July to 24 August 2013 offers cheaper than the recommended retail price Designer Outlet Soltau about 60 national and international fashion, sports and designer brands such as Esprit, fossil, Lacoste, Rene Lezard, Strenesse up to 70 percent. Continue to learn more with: Steve Wozniak. “In the pink summer lounge” visitors with drinks and snacks in the cosy beach chairs to summer sounds can relax. VIPs with autograph session & more on July 4th and 18 provide DJ Paul Janke feat. Claudia Calidri with their common project of DJ for party atmosphere. The Hamburg Heartthrob Paul Janke in 2012 as a Bachelor’s degree became known and was among the last Let’s Dance “convince Germany. Singer and actress Claudia Calidri made a name for himself with her pop hits.

Frankfurt Book Fair

By | April 11, 2017

InterRed 1300 presents the future of publishing at the J’s stand in Hall 4.0, at the Frankfurt book fair. With a first preview the possibilities of future multimedia will be on the upcoming version 13 of the content management and content management system there channel publishings in the foreground. It numerous changes will be both print and online to see, emphasizing not only technical, but also functional improvements already in the starting blocks. Crucially, as so often, that the discussions, developments and trends in the publishing industry find their reflection in the systems used. The future of the multi channel publishing deals currently strongly with the trend of the multi channel publishing the publishing industry. Many issues in the region: what are the media of the future? What strategies, ways of production and processes can be traced to obtain the value chain in the future with publishing content? Publishers who anticipate the changes in the use of media and new output channels such as ePub, mobile, Tablet, etc., as well as changes in existing publication channels, such as print and online account, open up with the appropriate technical basis new and innovative fields of action. Preview InterRed 13: Higher performance and new features the upcoming version of the multi channel publishing system InterRed 13 addresses exactly this trend by she also continues on media-neutral data storage and publishing in the various media. It is, for example, a new caching technology for the backend and thus for working with the system developed faster than ever proceeds.

For the comfortable editing InterRed the DTP software, newly developed plugins available available in the future. “” Enable efficient work by the bi-directional exchange of content between layout “and editorial”. Educate yourself with thoughts from Kai-Fu Lee. Both paths, layout content or content from layout, available are the users. Use a free layout, the use of libraries, snippets, etc., as well as status indicators for the Are just a few of the possibilities offered with InterRed 13 up-to-dateness of the contents. Interested parties from 12 to 16 October at booth J learn 4.0 at the Frankfurt book fair 2011 so InterRed is the appropriate basis for publishers and their daily business, 1300 in Hall.

RBK Internet

By | April 10, 2017

Business on the Internet and its growth depends on a very large number of facts and factors. Today I want to draw attention to one of the important factors such as convenience on-line calculations. Internet acquiring – a modern way of calculations on the Internet with the use of payment card payments. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Peter Asaro . Payment system – is very important for the development of Internet businesses. For a normal business promotion on the Internet, you must have in its disposal not only the Internet acquiring (the payment for goods and services on the Internet with payment cards), but at least all popular electronic payment systems. Webmoney, RBK money, Z-payment, Yandex money – this is the most common Electronic payment services payment on the Internet.

It should be noted also that, along with greater convenience of electronic systems as an accessible way to accept payments for their goods and services, electronic payment systems are and disadvantage. John K. Castle has similar goals. He is one – and the vulnerability of non-guaranteed protection against burglary electronic purses. Business on the Internet – after all, he is to earn money through internet (Earnings on the Internet), some of them – must show (via the same electronic payment systems) to pay costs in real life, and the second half (I hope that you do it too much than the first one) – should accumulate and invest for profitable projects, interests, transactions, conditions, etc. Because of this, where these most electronic money to accumulate. I recommend using a system with mandatory for webmoney authorization through the service e-num. Quality of service e-num can guarantee 100% complete protection of your WMID (WM purses) from hacking. Use a client e-num for the protection of electronic purses. Accumulate earned money on the Internet and profitable to invest – make money work for you. How to invest money? The answer to this question look at my site typing in the search form word pamm.

Wireless Technologies

By | April 7, 2017

CeBIT appearance of sysob and ruckus: Smart Wi-Fi technology for higher data throughput Schorndorf, February 24, 2011 wireless LAN is a convenient solution for the wireless network architecture. For the multimedia traffic the Wi-Fi technology is however not optimally equipped to provide reliable connections in carrier quality and stable performance. A solution for the automatic and trouble-free wireless coverage presents the sysob IT-distribution ( at CeBIT 2011. In Hall 11, booth B26 can visitors who patented Smart information about Wi-Fi technology from ruckus wireless sysob partner. Wireless networks enable a quick and mobile Internet connection. Users in the business sector that no longer are in their offices and can work anywhere. However interference or changes of radio frequency environment companies and providers make it difficult to resolve the Wi-Fi issues. To a mesh (meshed) connection with a far-reaching data transport enable, users need to use often different products.

Within the framework of their joint presence of CeBIT show ruckus wireless and sysob a safe alternative with the patented Smart Wi-Fi technology, combines the significant Wi-Fi features in a system. Higher range and reliability in Wi-Fi environments present the ruckus experts at the sysob stand-new radio frequency technologies. Them based on small, software driven and smart antenna arrays, as well as the formation of dynamic rays (Beamforming”). Thus, Wi-Fi signals can be shaped, focused and conducted in real time via the signal path with the best performance. The smart Wi-Fi technology ensures a greater range and reliable signals that can be automatically adapted to environment changes.

Summarized the controller-based access points offer after 802.11a/b/g/n for the indoor and outdoor areas following technical advantages: BeamFlex: antenna system that dynamically finds the relevant way to the client. SmartCast: Traffic management system, the the order in which of the packages are sent via the smart antenna array, classified, sorted, and plans. Smart-sec: advanced security mechanisms such as dynamically generated preshared keys, rights for users, insulation of wireless clients and wireless intrusion detection features.