Professors and Education

By | September 9, 2012

Unhappyly some substances are abstract even though for the professors, who without adequate knowledge if limits the mere repetition of what it is written in the book. But hardly the mathematical knowledge appears from the mere repetition, it is born from a process that involves imagino, against examples, criticizes errors and rightnesss. The mathematics, therefore has its paper in the formation of intellectual capacities, in the estruturao of the thought, the agilizao of the deductive reasoning of the pupil, in its application the problems of the day, one practical me the pedagogical one on the part of the professor compromises carrying the formation of these abilities. A course of licenciatura in mathematics highly involves complex and extremely abstract substances of the mathematics, with this graduating keeps its focus in obtaining to pass second in these substances, leaving in plain the pedagogical substances, however they are these you finish most important for a professor, you are welcome advances an ample knowledge in mathematics if the professor is not capable to involve the group with the subject transforming the lesson into pleasant and productive. RECURSSOS THAT previously FACILITATES the LEARNING As cited the history of the mathematics provides to the pupils the knowledge of as the studied substance appeared, falls for land thus the thought of that it is impossible to work mathematical other substances together with, what we have in the reality are some accomodated professors who do not want to give themselves to the work to formulate a dynamic lesson in set with another substance. The use of games is without a doubt one of the biggest resources that the professor can have to work mathematical, many games can manually be made by the professor, and the pupil while he plays develops reasoning abilities, organization, work in group, fits to the professor to make the pupil to enxergar the existing mathematics in the game, in such a way the pupil absorbs the knowledge of relaxed form. The technology is present in our days, this is a fact, for example, the state schools of the Espirito Santo possesss equipment as digital televisions, computers, pictures, projectors and etc, depends, therefore of the professor the use of these technologies, in order to facilitate to the agreement of the pupils and the absorption of the knowledge. FINAL CONSIDERAES We can affirm that great gaps of the education of the mathematics in the present time exist inside, since the formation of the professor until the time that the same makes use to plan its lessons.

We must admit that many times the professor if accomodates and a little in approaching its is not strengthenn nor the lesson of what is written inside of the lines of direction and bases of the Brazilian education. This situation is serious, therefore we are forming today the thinkers of tomorrow, that society we will have in the future formed for people who do not possess an adequate capacity of reasoning. To teach mathematics, either which series will be is not a simple task, demands effort, devotion and commitment on the part of the professor, each professor would have to reflect its practical in order to correct its errors. Before a person entering the educator profession it must lead in account that is not only enough to like mathematics to be a good one professor, is necessary to go very moreover.

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