By | April 24, 2017

Introduction: All look for the mouth Pregntele mouth to any student of marketing and it will say the same to him: the best strategy of marketing is to cause the mouth mouth. Also it will be listened to say to them: But marketing little can make to generate it. Permtanme to differ with this last affirmation. Marketing has traditional mechanisms to stimulate the consumption. Nevertheless, many do not know that paralelamente to this traditional mechanism, also there is a series of direct elements that can be used to promote the mouth mouth and are much more powerful and that the traditional ones. How it can be possible that we affect the personal mechanisms of communication. First of all, all are not personal, also can have simultaneous collective mechanisms that they irremediably invite to speak of certain product. As a example, how they think that the majority of the Internet vestibules has obtained the visibility that they have? Sometimes they saw publicity of Google.

Never. Although I can assure to them that Google used one of the most effective plans of marketing mouth mouth that have never taken place. There are other examples that come from the world off line: How they think that they spread to its activities the bowling alleys of the Old City? How You find out of whom touches. The answer is simple, resorts to leaders of opinion in specific places that make run the new features like powder drip. To defeat to the advertising noise the Agencies of Publicity they express to its brains trying that the creativity manages to defeat to the advertising noise. To what we called to him thus. To daily and almost continuous the bombing that we received the consumers through pieces in TV, radio, newspapers, pamphlets, tastings, direct marketing, gifts, among others. Against this background, new tools arise, like the promotions and direct marketing.

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