Round Logs

By | September 18, 2011

Round logs – a modern streamlined product for the construction of buildings, structures or country houses. Round logs allows you to create a solid, smooth design of the building. Houses of this material in the construction of simple, lightweight construction and easy to use. Round logs – a natural material, thanks to modern processing, does not form a mold and is not exposed to fire. When processing logs are improving the natural qualities of the product. After felling of coniferous trees, the trunks was purified from leaves, twigs and bark. Then, using industrial equipment exposed beams and polished processed by special means, which reduce moisture levels to normal and no bacteria formed on the logs in the operation of the building. Round logs – meets all industry standards.

Each Round logs have the same size and identical diameter along the entire length of the material. Perfectly smooth and straight logs, quickly and accurately will create a strong design. Houses made of logs retain heat in winter bitter evening, and provide easy cool in the scorching heat. This is achieved through the natural properties of pine wood. Due to such heat transfer can significantly save on home heating.

Unlike concrete or brickwork, round logs, not only has high levels of insulation, but also maintains a home comfortable humidity level. Round logs – optimum combination of traditional characteristics of natural materials, and upgraded technology. Thanks to the production stage, the beams acquire new qualities that are unique to construction. Building from this material, are durable design and ease of erection. Round logs are pretty common in our country, the material is lightweight and environmentally friendly material, it provides comfortable environment in your home. Buildings made of logs have a unique scent of coniferous trees differ warmth and high comfort.

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