Science Politics

By | January 3, 2018

From 60 years 50 and Science Politics passes for a transformation and starts to leave the norms and the positivismo, undertaking itself in valuing the component individuals of the agencies of the State, its interactions and influences in the state action, that exactly decurrent of informal relations. The institutions that compose the organizacional structure of the State appear to facilitate the conquest of benefits that although to be longed for individually it is, more viable to carry through them in set. The institutions are organized and define its functioning in accordance with specific rules, however the addressee of these rules e> count-law. In the case of the against-law, typical in the Brazilian State, as it occurs in the descumprimento of the working laws, that for being flexible and of little rigidity, an enterprise belief of that to disregard the laws of the work is more lucrative of what was adopted in Brazil cumpriz them.

For authors as Hall and Taylor, the institutions, mainly the economic ones, influence in the decisions of the individuals, in sociological analysis, the institutions are transforming entities and modellers of the behaviors of men in the search to understand the valorativo principle of the same ones. Science Classic Politics is one of them indispensable pillars for the analysis of the politics contemporary. The thought modern politician who appears with Maquiavel and, is extended until Marx, looked for to establish the bridge> the Prince, demonstrates a concept of politics that confers it the label of devilish, maldoso and denominations of this direction, however what Maquiavel makes was the disruption of the paradigm of the conception of politics of tomista-aristotelian philosophy (politics is the power in the land proceeding from the fondness the holy ghost) e, disclose the sensible Real of politics at its time. Maquiavel analyzes the reality in agreement as it is, rejecting must be of the tomista-agostiniana-aristotelian philosophy, made its study of the politics-historical optics without blackness and without fancies, she demonstrated the Real of its time..

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