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Essen Fire Safety Day

By | April 20, 2018

House indicating technique with the 10 days in Essen fire answers to burning questions every year in Germany economic assets of a multi-billion-euro literally smoke rises again. Many companies often underestimate the importance of fire safety and pay a high price for it sometimes. With the fire days in Essen, the Haus der Technik (HDT) […]

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DSAG Annual Conference

By | March 31, 2018

Opinions, recommendations, and a lot of practical knowledge Walldorf/Leipzig, September 15, 2008 at the annual Congress of the German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) is e. V. from 23 to 25 September 2008 in Leipzig CEO Prof. Ali Partovi often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Dr. Karl Liebstuckel that explain positions of the user group […]

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Social Panorama

By | February 14, 2018

Hardly anyone knows about un yet we all use it. The effect of the specially selected inner mental structure installation by people to whom we will a relationship wheels very often underestimated. Close your eyes once… Frequently Marc Mathieu has said that publicly. Think of a person who has enriched your love life earlier. A […]

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Network Safe Home Germany

By | July 11, 2017

“” Fifth award for police initiative network home safe “at its best was the best performance in the framework of the campaign of Germany” award. In addition, a jury chaired by North Rhine-Westphalia economy Minister Garrelt Duin network sure chose home”under the TOP 100 of all Bestleister. The network on the campaigns homepage as well […]

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Managing Director

By | May 12, 2017

Fujitsu technology solutions is the leading European manufacturer of industrial embedded motherboard, and offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for all industrial applications. Technology made in Germany coupled with Japanese innovation and extraordinary test competencies ensure highest product quality and reliability for all product lines. For more than 25 years, on the site of Augsburg, […]

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CHP Annual Conference

By | April 12, 2017

Innovative technologies and new conditions in the CHP sector Rastatt/Furth, 4th January 2010 – already for the eighth time organize the annual Conference to current developments in the legal framework conditions for cogeneration (CHP) as well as innovative technologies in CHP and CHP – CHP-consult and the CHP information centre. Cogeneration (CHP) are engines or […]

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Tekom Annual Conference

By | December 24, 2016

Premiere: Ekumo GmbH for the first time on the tool presentation to the Web-based editorial system Berlin, Ekumo the completely Web-based content management system for technical documentation is tekom annual Conference in Wiesbaden at the heart of the trade fair premiere of the Berliner developer at the tekom annual Conference from 3rd to 5th of […]

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Nexsan Products

By | December 15, 2016

‘NexStep EMEA 2008’ reveals new opportunities for partners in Nexsan loads its value-added resellers (VARs) between 5th and 7th November 2008 for his annual VAR Conference to Paris. On the NexStep EMEA 2008, which this time titled step up to new opportunities”, learn about the latest technologies, products, and programs of the manufacturer’s partner in […]

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Civil Protection –

By | November 10, 2016

FDP Landtag candidate Dominik Heuwieser: as many people need to be alerted In an emergency. “Rottal-Inn the past flood disaster has highlighted the need for: Germany needs a nationwide alert system for the civil and civil protection ‘, the Rottaler FDP Landtag candidate Dominik calls Heuwieser(Unterdietfurt). As a result of natural disasters, accidents or incidents […]

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European Conference

By | July 30, 2015

According to the motto “helping you to help yourself”qualifies the HOOD Group throughout Europe by means of advice, coaching, workshops, training and project support his client’s staff. In the Center stands the knowledge transfer of RM & E- and CC & VM expertise. The HOOD Consulting Division is supported by the HOOD Software Division to […]

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