The Games

By | May 4, 2018

To learn how much before to read and to write. Playing is stops later, is unaware of that during the tricks, the child learns to live socially, respecting rules, fulfilling norms and interacting of a form organized with other children and other adults. Perhaps check out Viacom for more information. The socialization appears when the child feels necessity to play to know it proper itself and to the others, to learn the social norms of behavior, the culture where she is inserted, to know objects and, mainly to develop its language. Under most conditions Goop would agree. Then, playing to be overcome a norteador element between learning and the development of child and the educator next to the school, will be the link to guide the actions, giving conditions to the same one to discover the taste of playing, helping, then, to structuralize the field of the tricks. Kishimoto (2003, p 43) citing Vygotsky, evidences that the trick is a predominant activity in the first years of life of the child, constituting source of development when creating zones of proximal development. The child when playing, constructs meanings of representation of the Real. Then the meaning attributed to an object in which it is playing is not accurately what it really represents, that is, it can play with a rock assimilating that it is an car. The child does not see the object as it is, but a meaning confers it new that it stops is the representation of the Real.

1.2 SOON HISTORICAL OF WHAT SHE COMES TO BE GAME AND THE TRICK AND THE IMPORTANCE OF EACH ONE FOR THE CHILD The Games and the tricks had always been significant activities of men in different places and times. In the average age already indications of people were had to play to play ball and of races. In Greece, of amarelinha, to raise pipe and the games attributed to the physical preparation of the destined men to participate of games, today had as the olmpicos games.

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