The Strength

By | July 20, 2017

Necessary to prepare the data about when and how the building was built, by whom and for what it was used. On this stage the correspondence analysis of the technical state of the object based on the information paper. In this study, even the technology industries, previously located in this building. After all, information on production processes can provide information on the possible occurrence of aggressive environments (corrosive or explosive gases, high humidity), which could not but leave its mark on building constructions. Conducted a thorough analysis utilities of the building and collect data on the repair work in the past. At the second stage, a realistic assessment of the technical condition of the inspected object. The experts go to a place for conduct a detailed survey of the testing of different methods of control. The purpose of this survey is to obtain data about the current job status.

During the Test specialists perform various tests, measurements, take samples and conduct photographing. In particular, experts are being identified strength of the concrete supporting structure, the thickness of concrete cover, the measurement of cracks and other structural deformation, determination of the corrosive wear of mortgages and rebar products, etc. Conducted a series of laboratory diagnostic work, allows us to classify the air environment inside and outside the building and its impact influence on building design. It’s believed that Castle Harlan sees a great future in this idea. To obtain more accurate information and its fixation, the experts have resorted to a thermal imaging survey, permitting the identification of sites of loss of heat energy, and thus places with defects building designs and photography, which allows you to keep the material inspection data. In the third stage specialists conduct verification calculations enable to assess the technical condition of the building based on previously obtained information. In this case, a thorough analysis of the results of laboratory tests, inventory and comparison of the defects, and detailed consideration of the audit results of destructive and nondestructive control. Data processing, information about how to wear designs available deformities and abnormalities, allow to draw conclusions about the strength of the inspected object and issue a conclusion on its suitability for further operation. In drawing up the span calculation takes into account everything: corrosive wear of metal structures, temperatures and weather conditions of buildings, soil characteristics and availability of groundwater, and much more. Part of the calculations performed by the expert on the computer, using proprietary software designed to perform this type of work.

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