Washington Conference

By | August 10, 2013

Ban condemned Islamophobia and the denial of the Holocaust, and rejected the attitude of Washington and its allies. I very much regret that some (countries) have decided to stay out. I hope to not do so for a long time’, said the South Korean politician. Washington announced Saturday that it would not be present at the Summit for fear that the final declaration would reaffirm the language used eight years ago in Durban, when the document of that meeting criticized the Jewish State. “We are concerned about the plight of the Palestinian people under foreign occupation,” stated the Declaration of 2001. Without the rest of the text does not refer at all to Israel or to the situation in the occupied territories of Palestine the official document of the Conference, however, although the first paragraph of the draft of the Geneva Conference reaffirms the Declaration and the programme of action of the Durban event, “as it was adopted” against the UN racism has been approved by consensus and will be formally adopted in the plenary Assembly in the next few hours.

The document will be adopted as it was agreed last week after arduous negotiations, given that no country has submitted objections to the text. Document is very balanced and establishing a framework for concrete action in a global campaign seeking justice for victims of racism in the world the document makes no mention to Israel or the occupied territories, and that makes explicit reference to the Holocaust and the need not to forget it. Also, it does not include the concept of defamation of religions, some Arab countries who supported and who was excluded because Westerners feared that they might affect freedom of expression. Pillay thanked publicly the Palestinian delegation and the Organization of the Conference Islamic having renounced budgets that them were crucial in order to achieve consensus. It is known, that the President of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadineyad, was received as a hero by hundreds of people in the return to your country after your dream participation at the UN anti-racism conference, which resulted in the departure of numerous delegates, mainly from Europe, after calling racist State of Israel. The official IRNA agency publishes a crowd focused on Tehran airport in the early hours of this morning to welcome the President and that when this appeared, adds, we experienced a sensational scene by the reception that was offered. Meanwhile, a government-friendly newspaper noted that Ahmadinejad has shot the last bullet to the brain of the West, but some other most critical newspapers leave the praise and considered that the speech that the President offered in Geneva was controversial. It is regrettable that all possibilities of approach are lost when still does this willingness to reach agreements that really favor to all and not be of aso to divisions, to stay anchored in the past than it is true was very grim, nor is it less true at present still manifested assaults as strong as the of Israel with Palestinian where innocent people die. Everything seems to indicate that diplomacy has lost its magic of rapprochement and you manage more by emotions than by reason. Original author and source of the article.

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